The Company




ez SQUID is a privately owned company developing and manufacturing superconducting magnetic field sensors (SQUIDs), their readout electronics and selected SQUID applications.  Although SQUIDs have a great number of promising applications, they have not been widely used in the past.  One reason for this might be that they were not available at low cost.  Already some time ago, John Clarke noted that " ... if SQUIDs were cheaper, people would buy them".  In order to manufacture inexpensive, yet sensitive and reliable SQUIDs, ez SQUID operates the necessary equipment for depositing and patterning thin films, as well as a clean room for optical and electron-beam lithography.  As the equipment is fully owned and operated by us, we do not have to rely on government-funded research centers to manufacture our devices.  ez SQUID is proud to say that it never received any government subsidies.

ez SQUID Mess- und Analysegeräte Dr. Hans-Michael Mück, Herborner Strasse 9, 35764 Sinn, Germany