Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Demonstrator




Our economically-priced electron paramagnetic resonance system can be used to demonstrate EPR spectra in a lecture, or to perform experiments in advanced lab courses. 


The system consists of a control box (left) and a magnet box (right). The control box contains the rf oscillator, lock-in amplifier, and a microcontroller for easy manual operation.  It can also be operated by a personal computer.  The magnet box contains a 0.13 T permanent magnet, a modulation coil for the 96-kHz lock-in amplifier, a 300 gauss variable magnet for taking EPR spectra, and the 3.3 GHz resonator.  Measurement times between 2s and 30s are possible.  A variable low-pass filter can be used to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the spectra.  The samples can be contained in 3-mm polystyrene straws, conventional 3-mm EPR tubes, or quartz capillaries.  The EPR sectra can be displayed on a digital oscillsocope, or on a personal computer.

The EPR system can be controlled, and spectra can be read and processed, by a personal computer. Here is the EPR signal of a powdered DDPH sample.

Some more spectra measured with the system:


EPR spectrum of Mn in CaO.

EPR Spectrum of TEMPO in Ethanol


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