Current-Voltage-characteristics measurement system




For lectures, device demonstration, or lab courses we offer asystem for measurements of current-voltage (IV) characteristics of electronic devices.  The system can be used for characterizing SQUIDs or Josephson junctions, but also for testing or demonstrating other active or passive electronic components.
IV-box controller.
IV-probe with preamplifier head.

The I-V-characteristics measurement system consists of a 1 m long probe with 12 mm diameter, which can be dipped into a helium storage dewar, and a controller box having a size of 165 mm by 110 mm by 40 mm.  A low-noise instrumentation preamplifier (with a white voltage noise of about 1.2 nV in 1 hertz bandwidth) and the low-noise current source are built into the probe head.  The IV-characteristics can be observed in real time on an oscilloscope, or can be recorded on a personal computer.  The full-scale current range is from 1 mA to 5 mA, and the gain of the voltage amplifier can be varied from 50 to 10000 in eight steps.  The box can be controlled by a personal computer via the serial port, or manually, in case a computer should not be used.

The IV Box connects to the serial port of a personal computer.  An easy to use program controls the settings and records and displays the IV characteristics.

For lab courses or class-room demonstration of the current-voltage characteristics of Josephson junctions, the flux-to-voltage transfer function of a SQUID, or Shapiro steps, the above shown probe can be shipped with a niobium Josephson junction or dc SQUID. 


For class room demonstration or lab courses, we offer our inexpensive microwave source MWS XG.  The source generates microwaves at two frequencies (various frequencies are available) with a variable output power of up to 1 mW, and can be use to, e.g., show the frequency dependence of microwave-induced steps in the current-voltage characteristics of a Josephson junction. 


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