SQUID readout electronics





For applications requiring a large dynamic range at relatively high signal frequencies, we offer SQUID readouts with ac-flux modulation frequencies between 1 MHz and 25 MHz.  The standard model is our readout SQE 4 M.  It is an ac-flux modulated dc SQUID electronics with a modulation frequency of 4 MHz, which we also employ in our NDE systems.  The preamplifier has a noise temperature of less than 15 K (typically 10 K for a source impedance of 20 ohms).  The bias current for the SQUID, the preamplifier gain, the modulation amplitude and the phase between modulation and internal lock-in reference can be adjusted.  Eight different feedback resistors can be selected.  With a good niobium SQUID, a dynamic range of up to ten flux quanta can be achieved at frequencies above 100 kHz.  The SQUID readout can be controlled by our control box SQC-1.  The SQUD readout measures 165 mm by 110 mm by 40 mm.

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